It’s a Color-able for You!

I was asked during my website launch if I was going to do color-ables and so I thought that I would post one today!  Here is my hand-lettered “be transformed” in a color-able format. Click Here

Be-Transformed-colorable-flMay God Transform & Renew your mind and when he does you will know what God’s acceptable and perfect will is. (Rom.12:2)

Which in my mind means, once we acknowledge Jesus as our savior and ask our sins to be forgiven and allow Him to transform our lives, minds, we will be in the will of God, which is for us be in relationship with Him.  And when we are in relationship with Him physical death no longer has its sting, Satan does not win and we will be forever with our Lord, our God, our creator.

Then we continue to go to His word to get direction for our daily lives to be able to have relationships and interactions with others that are healthy and in-turn our understanding of God grows.  We become more and more like Him, loving, patient, kind, self-less, encouraging and less and less like the world, conditional, self-seeking, envious, and proud.  Amen!  How exciting!

Be Transformed Today and Renew your mind!  Go to God’s Word you won’t regret it!


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