“Glory to God in the Highest!”

Merry Christmas to You!

Glory-to-God_smallI am so glad that you have joined me today.  What traditions do you carry out during the Christmas season?  My husband and I watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” every year.  We love it because it tells the message of Christmas so simply and clearly.

When Charles Schulz was asked by the producer and animator for the TV Peanut Christmas Special, who were his friends, if he was sure he wanted to have the “religious” message in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, his reply was, “If we don’t do it, who will?”

What an answer!  This Christmas season ladies, If we don’t show Jesus in our actions, relationships, and celebrations, who will?

May you enjoy this weeks “talk-able” and may you be encouraged to take some time to read Luke 2:1-20.  Luke captures the Christmas story in such an awesome way by telling about the shepherds and the angels that appeared in the night sky.  What a site that must have been!

For this week’s printable  Click Here   May you Print it, Pin it up and even Share it and be encouraged to go to God’s word.

20181128_092951And to remind you to be looking in you inbox this Friday Dec. 13, 2019 for the Winner of my 3 Rustic Angel Ornaments to be Announced!  All of you on my email list are entered in!  If you are not entered then Join now by clicking Here!

Until next time, I encourage you to be in the word, you won’t regret it. ~Krista

2 thoughts on ““Glory to God in the Highest!”

  1. We are at Cherie’s Colorado home where we cared for her three while she and Chris attended Ministers & Mates Retreat. I just showed her your LSF.com site. Well done, Krista! Love your spirit and the practical content.

    You two are creative souls with much to offer other women. Cherie will speak next week at Oregon Women’s Clergy Retreat.

    Keep it up! We are celebrating today at lunch Cherie’s Jan. 9th #42 and Daniel’s Jan. 27th #70th. Life marches on. Enjoy your birthday coming up.

    Had a fabulous time with your parents at our home. They are treasured friends forever!!!

    Love you and bless you and yours,
    Carol K.


    1. Sorry for my delay in responding to you. Thank you Carol for your words of encouragement and for following me. God is amazing. My parents treasure you and Dan too! Take care and blessings, Krista


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