God’s Word is “Hygge”

My husband came home a few months ago and told me that our home was “hygge”, pronounced (hue-guh).  This is a dutch word and there is really no one word that means “hygge”, but it is a concept rather.  It means to bring a feeling of coziness, comfort, encouragement, contentment through enjoying the simple things in life.

God’s Word is “hygge” to me.  It brings me comfort, encouragement, contentment, and joy.  I focus on 2Cor. 1:3, which talks about God comforting us through all our difficult times and once we receive His comfort was can then comfort others around us with the same comfort we received from God.  We can be a “hygge-spreader”, one who gives comfort, encouragement and joy to others.

May you enjoy this week’s “Talk-able”


To be able to download your printable, Click Here🙂


As Valentine’s Day approaches, may God’s Word be “hygge”,comfort for you, and then may you be a “hygge-spreader”, one who gives comfort to others.

Thank you for joining me.



One more thing, see you for my next “Talk-able” on Feb 25th and be encouraged to “Be Still & Know”

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