Encouraging Words from You, Hand- Lettered for You (Part 3)

Blessings to you Friends on this Good Friday,

With it being Good Friday, I thought what better words to hand-letter and have in our minds, than Grace and Mercy.  God shows us so much Grace  and Mercy.  Without God sending His son, we would not be able to be with Him and have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

This also gives me pause to think, “Do I show enough grace and mercy to others?”  If I am honest with myself, “no not enough.”  Lord help me to be more like you and may we all be encouraged to have more Grace and Mercy

Have a blessed day.  Enjoy printing these print-ables and be reminded of His never ending Grace and Mercy and be encouraged to keep God close and keep reading His word.  We all need it!


Here is Your Grace Print-able – Click Here

Here is Your Grace Print-able (small version) – Click Here





Here is Your Mercy Print-able – Click Here

Here is Your Mercy Print-able (small version) – Click Here



Artwork-3A little Reminder: If you do not have time to sit and watch my video talk-ables, you can now listen to a talk-able on my new podcast. Just click the link below. Enjoy listening!

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