Encouraging Words from You, Hand-Lettered for You – Part4

Good Evening Ladies,

We are just about ready to celebrate Easter Sunday.   Lisa from Idaho shared her favorite word is LOVE and JoLynn also from Idaho shared that her favorite word is REDEEMED.  God LOVED us so much that we are now REDEEMED through Jesus.  Thank you Lord!

As I was going to write a little more about Love and Redeemed I thought to myself,  These two words that do not need any further explanation.  They say it all.”

Be Encouraged tonight.  We are about to CELEBRATE!



For Your Love Print-able Click Here

For Your Love (small Version) Print-able Click Here



For Your Redeemed Print-able Click Here

For your Redeemed (small version) Print-able Click Here





One more thing: Do not forget to check out my new podcasts about Letting Your Little Light Shine

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