Spread Joy – Week 5

Hello Ladies!

This is the final week in June and this is our final worksheet print-able and hand-lettered print-able.

I invite you to download both print-ables and recap this past month with me. (links are at the end of this post)

I totally loved having my “Cup of Joy” this past month. It was a fun thing to look forward to each day. What did you like about having your “Cup of JOY”?

As I close this post, I want to let you know about next month. The topic for next month is PEACE. I am so excited to dig into God’s word with you as we learn what He says about PEACE. I think that at this time in our history it is so important to remember to have JOY and also to make sure we have the inner PEACE that only God can give as we traverse through these days.

I invite you to join me Tuesday, July 14th for my first of 2 talk-ables.

Enjoy your print-ables and have fun with the last practical thing you can to do SPREAD JOY!

See you in July!

Blessings, Krista

This weeks worksheet print-able: Click Here

This Weeks print-able: Click Here

This week’s small print-able: Click Here

2 thoughts on “Spread Joy – Week 5

  1. Aloha Krista! I would very much be interested in a “cup of peace” if you ordered some. Just let me know what it would cost, the shipping and handling and I will if I can purchase it on your website? or send a card #? or a check? which ever works for you! Thank you for this weeks lesson and the lovely printable! I especially love the “Peace” design for the cup! I am so enjoying my cup of joy each day!!! many blessings of God’s love to you!


    1. Hello Claudia! Peace mugs are coming! On my next video, July 14th, I will talk about the mugs and announce how to purchase your “Cup of Peace” I am excited to offer these for you and all the ladies. I also enjoyed my Cup of Joy. Being in God’s word just sets my day. Thank you Claudia for joining me and I am humbled and excited that God is using LASF to bless you and others. Have a wonderful day!


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