It’s all about FAITH!

Hello Ladies!
Incredible! … Unbelievable! … Crazy! … and … Predicted. 

We as Christians read in God’s word about what events are going to take place leading up to what we call the END TIMES and we read what God’s reveals to John in the book of Revelations and about what has to come about in order for Jesus to return.  Should we really be that surprised at the crazy, unprecedented things that are happening?   Every generation in one generation closer to THE END.

Do not despair Ladies! 

  • We have the Truth, God’s word and
  • We can Believe in it and
  • Therefore put our FAITH in the one true God and His word.

This month we are going to read all about FAITH.

  • About God’s FAITH-fullness,
  • About those who have lived before us who were FAITH-ful and
  • Read about what our Faith should look like and
  • Be encouraged to have FAITH. 

How are we going to do this? Let’s make our last “Cup” for the Summer Season.  Let’s make a “Cup of FAITH”

Grab your Favorite mug!
Print your print-able and cut your FAITH verses out.
Fold up your verses
Then put your verse in your mug!

Your “Cup of FAITH” is ready to go!

Each day you will read about what God’s word has to say about FAITH!

In two weeks: August 18th!

  • I will meet back with you for a video talk-able & Faith Color-able
  • I am going to talk with you about FAITH.
  • I also want to share with you one thing I read from Priscilla Shirer in her study “The Armor of God” about FAITH
    • She was told this one thing from another woman
    • and I want to pass it to you too!

I look forward to seeing you in two weeks, August 18th!

Until then, let’s make our “Cup of FAITH” and dig into God’s word!

Love you all Ladies and keep the FAITH!

P.S. Click below for your 30 Faith Verses

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