Hello Ladies, Our Christmas Cards are Ready!

Glory to God note cards low resHello Ladies,
I pray that all is going well for each one of you. November is here and the Holidays are around the corner.  We have snow on the ground already.  I am so thankful that I have my little piece of dirt all ready for Winter.  How was your October?   I have missed talking and sharing with you all.

As I was getting things ready for Winter here in my property, I was also able to create some Christmas Cards and I am so excited to be able to share them with you! 

What a great message to send this season.  Because Jesus came, died and rose again there is now PEACE that can be found here on Earth.  A PEACE we have when Jesus is our Savior.  We know that no matter what happens here we have an eternal inheritance with God in Heaven. What an awesome gift and what a wonderful message to share this season.

Take a look at our Christmas Cards 🙂

And To let you know:

Watch your inbox on Tuesday, November 24th!

  • My next Talk-able will be coming your way. 
  • Come and hear from God’s word.  He thinks you are AWESOME!

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