Washed. Cleaned. Refreshed! “Chapel Time” Series, Week 3 – Let’s stay refreshed!

Hello Ladies!

washed-cl-re-printable-cropWelcome to “Talk-able Tuesday”!

This is my third week in my “Chapel Time” Series.

I have had so much fun sharing my “Chapel Time” talks with you.  I hope that you are allowing the Lord to Wash, Clean, and Refresh you!

This week I am asking and answering the question:

  • How can you stay refreshed?

There are two ways I am going to talk about that you can do to stay refreshed.

Let’s get going because now that we know how to be refreshed let’s do some things to stay refreshed!

All the links you need are below!
Let’s get started!

See you there!


Click Here to listen to my Podcast!
Click Here to print this weeks blank wreath.
Click Here to print this weeks print-able small
Click Here to print this week’s print-able large
Click here for this weeks’ Handout

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