The “Key” to 2022!

Hello Ladies,

I am the way truth life_20220111_00022022 has come in like a storm here in Northern Idaho.  Wait, not like a storm, but literally came in with a storm…. snowstorms to be exact!

I am so happy to be with you today in this new year.  I pray that your start to 2022 has been just what the Lord has called you to.

Your print-able link is at the end of this description for you to print it off and pin it up to be encouraged with God’s word.

Come and join me on my podcast today for a fun story about how our 2022 started and what the “KEY” is for you and I this year in 2022.

See you there!


Click Here to listen to my PODCAST
Click Here to print your small print-able
Click Here for print your large print-able

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