Who do you follow?

Hello Ladies,

It is talk-able Tuesday coming to you on  Wednesday!  Sorry about the delay.  Life became a little hectic this last week.

Let’s dive right in.

Instagram good shepherd picAs I was reading this verse from John 10:11, I was so encouraged.  I have read this verse many times, and as I was reading it again, I was reminded right when I needed it, which is what God does with His living word, that He is my good shepherd.

He is your Good Shepherd too:

  • who tends to you,
  • herds you to himself,
  • feeds you, and
  • guards you from the wolves in this world.

Ladies, who do you follow?

Come and join me today on my podcast as we look into God’s word at John 10:11

All your links are below!

Have a wonderful week and blessings,

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