Do you want to REALLY live?

Hello Ladies,

How has your week been?
Have you been following the Good Shepherd, Jesus?

I am the resurrection_20220206_0002You know, there is no one else I want to follow.  And when we follow and believe Jesus, we will have life everlasting.  Why?  Because he is the resurrection and the life.

What peace we can have when we really let that sink in.  No reason to fear, worry, or fret.  We are going to be with Jesus in heaven forever.  Our lives are but a moment in time compared to eternity.  Now that is REALLY Living!

This week’s print-able is taken from John 11:25, which is where we can read what Jesus was telling Mary at the time of her brother, Lazarus’ death.  It says, Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me shall not die.”

May you have a peace-filled week

All your links are below!  Have fun printing and posting this week’s printable to be reminded of God’s word.

Let’s REALLY live!

Have a wonderful week and blessings,

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