We are Mark and Krista.  We are so excited that you have joined us here at Living a Sustainable Faith.  Our goal is to encourage you to grow in you faith and we believe that the most important way to grow and sustain your faith in Jesus is to be in His word.

In this space you will find blog posts, videos, print-ables, and encouraging words that will direct you to go to God’s word to find your source of fulfillment, sustainability, and motivation.  God wants you to thrive in your life, but more importantly He wants you to thrive in your soul!

You can do this and we are here to encourage you!

This past year we celebrated our 25th Anniversary.  We were able to take a moment and go to Glacier National Park.  We were amazed, once again, at God’s creation and blessings In our lives.

We, as a couple, have had times of Joy, Excitement, Let Downs, Troubles, Breakthroughs, and Mountain Top Experiences AND through it all God is so good and faithful to His word.

We would love for you to join us to be encourage to sustain and grow in your FAITH!

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Mark and Krista