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Artwork-pic-and-logo-1024x1024The name of my Podcast is: Living a Sustainable Faith with Krista. 

  • I love Jesus,
  • I love God’s Word, and
  • I love hand-lettering.

My Podcast brings all three of these things together to encourage you to be in God’s Word because when you are your life will be full.

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Welcome to my Journey to Jesus Podcast Series.

Cover Flowers design size squareI am so looking forward to encouraging you through God’s Word with my coloring book Journey to Jesus – One Bible Verse at a Time

This series of Podcasts is an excellent Companion to my coloring book, Journey to Jesus – One Bible Verse at a Time.

As you are coloring each verse in your book, you can listen to my short podcasts for more encouraging thoughts about each Bible verse you are coloring and reading about.  I am not a Bible scholar.  I am a child of God, who loves His word, who loves His son, Jesus and has a deisre to encourage others to be the same.  May you be encouraged to be in God’s word to grow in your faith.

  • If you are here and do not have my coloring book and would like to purchase one you can purchase them on

Get your coloring book & Let’s get started.  You and your soul are going to Love it!!!

Podcast Series: Journey to Jesus (Coming through out June and July!)

  1. Journey to Jesus: Introduction
  2. Journey to Jesus: Verse #1 – In the Beginning
  3. Journey to Jesus: Verse #2 – The Lord Declares