JOY! (Week 2)

Hello Ladies!

Welcome to this weeks talk-able.

Have you made your Cup of JOY?

If not, I want to encourage you to go to last weeks talk-able entitled “Cup of JOY” and print off the print-able and make one. You will love it! It’s like unwrapping a present from God Every day.

How has your week been?  Mine has been GREAT! Hard. and full of growth.  The older I get the more I am learning to enjoy the moments.

Have you ever said to yourself:

  • There is no way I am going to have joy again.
  • It is not possible to have joy in this situation.
  • Joy is something you have when life is going right.

How can we have JOY in any circumstance?

I want to invite you to download this weeks print-ables to:

  1. Read with me how we can have joy in any circumstance
  2. and while coloring this week’s print-able and posting it up, be reminded what God says about how to have JOY in any circumstance.

Having JOY in any circumstance will take practice, but when we obey God’s word and put it into action it is amazing what God can do.

Talk to you next Tuesday and Blessings, Krista

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He Makes All Things New (Part 2): Let’s Take a Moment & Praise God for Our Living Hope

Hello Ladies,

My phone camera broke!  Eeek!

As a result, I am unable to offer a video talk-able this week because I use my phone for video taping my talks and video taping myself hand-lettering the print-ables you print as well as any still pictures I use to insert into my posts.

So I thought it would be fun to make available to you DAY 2 from my 15 Days Encouraging You that He Makes All Thing New. (This will be available to you real soon as a download-able! Can’t wait!!!)

My desire for writing “15 Days Encouraging you that He Makes All Things New” is to

  • Encourage you to be in the word daily,
  • because when you are
  • Your relationship with God will come live,
  • you will be able to sustain your faith,
  • and you will have peace in your life.

Let’s get started today to really live and read how Jesus is our living Hope and has given us new birth.



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New Birth 2_20191218_0001


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