Let’s Rock!

Hello Ladies,

I want to encourage you to build your life, your day, your moments on the Rock and that Rock is Jesus!  Enjoy this weeks “Talk-able”

You can do this!  You can build your life (house) on the Rock and you can start to do this by spending at least 5 minutes a day in the word and praying for God to give you wisdom in your day to day happenings.  And when you do this, it is amazing how life gets in focus.

If you need a place to start to read the Bible,  I encourage you to start in Matthew chapter 5 and read through Matthew chapter 7.  These chapters are full of Jesus’ teachings on how to live your life and when we start to do these things our life is then full of Him and He fills us with what we need.

Lets-Rock-sm-doc-scanHave fun printing this weeks Print-able  Be encouraged and reminded to go to God’s Word.  You will not regret it! Link Here

Also here is the link the the AWESOME song by I am They: My Feet are on the ROCK! Click Here

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Have a wonderful day and I will see you for my next Talk-able -on Nov. 12th 🙂