Washed. Cleaned. Refreshed! “Chapel Time” Series, Week 4 – Let’s be a refreshment to others!

Hello Ladies!

I am so glad you are here.
It’s talk-able Tuesday and welcome to my fourth and final “chapel time”!

This is it!

Whoever refreshes_20210118_0002This is the final “Chapel Time” talk I have for you in this series: Washed Cleaned. Refreshed!  I hope that you have been encouraged and are beginning to be refreshed by the Lord every day!
And when we are refreshed from the Lord we can be such a wonderful refreshment to others.

Are you ready to have my final question answered today?
This week I am asking and answering the question:

  • Are you a refreshment to others?

But before I answer this question, I am going to talk with you and give you 10 tips, tricks and preps you can do to encourage yourself to be in God’s word daily.

Are you ready?

Come and join me on my podcast and the links are below for all your print-ables!!!

See you on the air!


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Who am I?

Hello Ladies,

I am so glad that you have joined me today!

Let me ask you a question right off:  Who are you? … Ladies, who are you?!?

This month we are going to be diving into God’s word to read what God says about who you are and let me tell you God has much to say on this topic.  How awesome is that.  God knew that we would have this question at various times in our lives and He gives us direct answers in His word to this vary question.

Join me on my podcast and learn who God says you are!

And here are your print-ables for this week to continue to encourage you with God’s word. Print off your print-able and be reminded and encouraged that You are Chosen!

May you have a great week knowing God chose you to be apart of His family.  I look forward to seeing you next week for talk-able Tuesday.

Blessings, Krista