He Makes All Things New (Part 1): He Rolled the Stone & Made Us New

Hello Ladies,

We are a little over a week from Easter/Resurrection Sunday and guess what?

  • The stone is rolled away
  • The tomb is empty
  • And we can be made NEW

This is reason to CELEBRATE every day no matter if we are under a “stay at home order”, or our children are home for home schooling, or shelves are empty at the grocery store or we cannot physically come together for church….God has made all things new, in that we can have our souls made new at any time under and circumstances! Hallelujah!

Come and join me to be encouraged from God’s word and print off your print-able to be able to have His word in front of you to be reminded.to go to God’s word for everything  AND to hear about a big downloadable that will be available for you soon titled:  15 Days Encouraging you that He Makes All Things New.


Day-1-behold-all-thing-900For today’s Printable & Color-able: Click Here





Day-1-worksheet-picFor today’s Worksheet Print-able:  Click Here

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