Washed. Cleaned. Refreshed! “Chapel Time” Series, Week 1: Let’s allow the Lord to wash and clean us!

Hello Ladies!  It’s talk-able Tuesday!
I am so looking forward to sharing with you today and for the next three weeks the “chapel time” talks I shared at the Women’s Retreat my local church held.  I will be focusing all my talks on the theme: Washed. Cleaned. and Refreshed!

Week-1-t-shirt-cut-out-2This week I am asking the question,

  • Are you willing to allow the Lord to wash and clean you?
After listening to my podcast there are two print-ables for you to print off.
  • 1st print-able is the t-shirt.  This is for you to print off and cut out to make a commitment to yourself and to the Lord that you are willing to allow the Lord to meet you right where you are, to listen to Him and then do what He tells you to do.
  • 2nd print-able is for you to have further study throughout the week regarding allowing the Lord to wash and clean you.
Are you ready?  All your links are below.  Let’s get started!

See you on my Podcast!

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