Let’s get Praying – Is Prayer Your Default Response?

Hello Ladies!

Welcome to talk-able Tuesday.  This is where I want to encourage you to be in God’s word because when you are you will grow in your faith and your life will be full.  Let’s get started.  You and your soul are going to love it!

We have been talking about prayer the past three weeks.

  1. Week 1 – I encouraged you and myself to “Get Started Praying.”
    • We created a Prayer Jar to be able to pick one bible verse a day from the jar for 35 days to be able to read what the Lord says about prayer and how to pray.
    • I also created a Prayer Card that was a print-able for you that has bible verse on it so we can pray bible verses and have a prayer strategy when we are praying.
    • Lastly, I encouraged you to set a goal in regard to prayer. What you want to accomplish in your prayer life.  Here is a link this blog post so you can print these print-ables if you have not already done so.  CLICK HERE
  2. Week 2 – We talked about “how to pray”. On the Prayer Card there is a 5 step strategy as to how we can begin to pray.  As Sheila Walsh has said, “Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray.”
  3. Week 3 – I encouraged you to keep praying. Keep moving toward your goal.  Keep obeying God’s word.  He calls us to pray always.  Ephesians 6:18 – And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. And Romans 12:12 says, rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

After putting all these things in place, is PRAYER beginning to be your default response to your life circumstances?

You know what I have noticed this month since I have been intentional about making prayer a part of my daily life (my prayer goal is to pray 5 minutes each day) and using all the things I talked about in the past 3 weeks?  Prayer is becoming more and more my default response to the various circumstances in my life.

  • I have noticed that my response to life situations has slowed down.
    • Example: When my son becomes upset over a situation in his life, I am more apt to respond in a voice and manner that is calmer and deescalating.
  • When my husband and I are discussing current events we both go to prayer quicker to make our requests known to the Lord and to lay them there.
  • I find myself making sure that I am set up to be able to finish my morning activities before my son is up and husband is ready for our morning cup of coffee together, so I can pray and then read God’s word.
    • I have my spot in my house where I go to pray and read God’s word. This time is becoming more and more precious times for me.
  • I have been giving prayers of thanks more often and this has filled up my own heart with gratitude for all the Lord has given me and my family.
  • While driving in my car, I am quicker to pray and give praise as I see things happen around me.
  • I have been praying God’s word more and claiming it as truth.

Is this happening to you?  Is prayer becoming a default response for you as you go through your day?  I am excited to continue growing in my prayer life and I pray the same for you!  God wants to have a close relationship with you.  Keep making prayer your default response to your circumstance

I will see you next week in March as we talk about Direction: Where do I go?

Can’t wait.  Talk to you soon,

Blessings, Krista

Your Print-able for this week!  This week’s print-able is meant to continue encouraging you to PRAY.  I have 3 print-able options for you to choose from or print off all three options!!!

  1. Take my wreath print-able and write your favorite prayer bible verse inside the wreath and you can color the wreath too! CLICK HERE
  2. You can take my wreath print-able and trace my hand-lettered verse in gray with your favorite color and then color the wreath too!!  CLICK HERE
  3. You can print off my wreath print-able that is all ready hand-lettered and in color. I have a large and small version for you. CLICK HERE FOR SMALL    CLICK HERE FOR LARGE

I want to encourage you to pin up your wreath to be reminded to pray constantly and to continue to encourage yourself make prayer a default response to your life circumstances.  Have fun!!!

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    Let’s Get Praying!

    Hello Ladies!

    It’s talk-able Tuesday, a couple days late.  Thank you for your patience.

    This month I am so looking forward to talking about prayer and setting up some things to do to motivate you and I to begin to make PRAYER a default response to our life circumstances.

    Are you ready?  Let’s get going or should I say LET’S GET PRAYING!

    Join me at my podcast, link below, where I talk in more detail about setting up prayer as our default response.

    • You will here about my struggle with making prayer a consistent part of my day and what I am doing this month to create a new habit of prayer.
    • You will be given two practical activities you can do to motivate yourself to pray.
    • You will also be given two print-ables that will also motivate you to keep praying
      • The 1st is to make a Prayer Card
      • The 2nd is to make a Prayer Jar

    So, see you soon.

    And I look forward to  talking with you next Tuesday to continue our talks make PRAYER our default in life.

    Blessings, Krista

    Here are your Podcast link & Print-ables:

    A Merry Christmas Color-able for You!

    Merry Christmas Ladies,

    I thought for Christmas I would give you a fun color-able to be able to take a moment from all the busy and

    Isn’t is amazing that after more than two thousand years, the birth of Jesus is still celebrated and still awesome that His saving grace extends to us all.

    May you have a very Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to seeing you in the new year.

    Blessings to you,


    For your large Christmas Color-able CLICK HERE

    For you small Christmas Color-able CLICK HERE

    Prayer: Putting Your Faith in Action

    Hello Ladies!
    You may have noticed that I am a week late.  I am sorry for the delay.  Have you ever had those weeks that are just plain difficult and difficult in more than on area?  Well these past couple weeks have been just that.
    So much so that I have been on my knees in prayer to my Father, our Father, to give me peace, guidance and wisdom. 

    Isn’t it just like the Lord to to give you what you need just when you need it? 

    God knew that these past couple weeks would require prayer and some times prayer on my knees in obedience to His word to bring everything to Him in prayer, and to pray without ceasing. So, as I was video taping, editing the videos, and creating the print-ables for today’s talk-able entitled Putting Your Faith into action through prayer, I was putting my own Faith into action through prayer.  It is amazing to come to the other side of a difficult time and see how God carried you and had you study and learn something in His word that you would need to use. He is a mighty God who cares for each of us.

    With that being said, thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Are you ready to put your FAITH into ACTION through PRAYER!?!

    In today’s talk-able I want to share with you:

    • What God has to say about prayer.
    • How God says we should pray.
    • Why I have a passion to encourage you to be in God’s word.
    • 5 mind sets you can change to move yourself in the direction of praying.
    • and remind you that the enemy does not want you to pray.


    • Give you 4 actions you can do to encourage yourself to make prayer part of your daily time with the Lord.

    Come and join me for my talk-able and let’s be encouraged to put our faith into action and PRAY!


    Are you ready to encourage yourself to pray?  Here are the 4 actions I talked about in my video.  Do 1 or do them all to motivate yourself to start praying consistently and often!!

    1.   Are you a movie lover?  Watch the movie by the Kendrick Brothers: War Room.  You will be ready to do battle through PRAYER!
      1. Here is the link to purchase it through Amazon CLICK HERE
    2.   Love reading?  You will LOVE the book FERVENT by Priscilla Shirer.  You will be creating a prayer strategy as you go through her book
      1. Here is a link to be able to purchase her book, FERVENT. CLICK HERE
    3.  Do you just LOVE to Journal?  I have created a six day Journal plus a template to continue journaling.
      1. Here is the link to your Journal Print-able.  CLICK HERE
    4.   No time?  Here is a 1 1/2 minute video I created to encourage yourself to pray right now the Lord’s Prayer.  What better way to start praying than with God’s word and the words Jesus told his disciples to pray when they asked him how they should pray.

    Let’s get going and Pray!

    Put your Faith into action today and Pray!

    Love you all and I will be emailing you soon to give more information about our 1 year Anniversary for Living a Sustainable Faith, LASF.

    Blessings to you, Krista


    Pray Always

    Hello Ladies and welcome to Talk-able Tuesday!

    September is here and I can hardly believe it. Summer is starting to turn into Fall. Can you feel it in the air? Here in Idaho, our nights are cooler and our mornings are taking longer to warm up. Not sure I am ready for FALL just yet.

    We went through three “Cups” this Summer and I can hardly believe it. We read what God has to say about JOY, PEACE, and FAITH. We are now ready to look into what God has to say about PRAYER.

    Before diving into PRAYER, let me step back for a moment and ask, how did you like making all the “Cups” this Summer?

    What was one take away you had from reading God’s word regarding FAITH, since we just finished our “Cup of FAITH”?  (I would love to hear form you in the in the comment section below.)

    For me it was fun to be able to read a verse each day for a month on a specific word and really start to wrap my mind around that one word and what God thinks and says about it.

    I think the biggest take away for me was starting to think of FAITH as an Action.

    This month, September, I would like to put our FAITH into action!
    By following God’s instruction from His word to PRAY.  Prayer is our biggest weapon against the enemy and yet we tend to use this the least or as a last resort much of the time.

    I do not know about you,  but I want to change this in my life!  I  would like to become a prayer warrior.  Do you?!?

    Prayer is essential and necessary to be able to talk to God, make our requests known to Him, have our praises heard, and to hear from God ourselves.

    In Ephesians 6:14-17, Paul talks about putting on the whole armor of God.  Why?  Because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness of this age.  We need to be prepared and ready and once we have on God’s armor we are told in verse 18 to PRAY always, with all prayer and supplication in the spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints.

    Ladies, We need to have Prayer be our “first line of offense and defense” not just used as our “last resort”!

    When your world is out of control, events go wrong, friends hurt you, or your spirit is in the dumps, what do you do?

    • Talk about the other side being wrong?
    • Blame someone?
    • Gossip to others?
    • Binge eat or go into a deep depression?

    I want to encourage you that your best line of offense and defense is to PRAY!

    For the next two weeks I would like to encourage you to start to think about praying first and praying always.

    • you do anything about a problem,
    • say anything,
    • or react on your feelings.

    Take a minute (or maybe 2 or maybe even 10) to PRAY.  Allow God to be the first to stop the spinning, right the wrong, heal your heart, and lift you up!

    *** Then in two weeks, Sept. 15th, I am going to email you again with a video talk-able to encourage you to continue to PRAY first and PRAY Always, so that PRAYER starts to be in the forefront of your mind.  We need to form a new habit. And when you form for yourself the habit to go to God in Prayer first and Always, you will have taken a huge step in putting your FAITH into Action and allowing God to direct your path. Something to remember:

    •  Our “fight” is not against other people, but against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness of this age and the only way to “fight” back is to go to battle through prayer.

    God notices when we obey and change more and more into the people He wants us to be.  His blessings flow!

    *** To encourage and remind you to PRAY first and PRAY Always, I have hand-lettered a print-able just for you!  Please, copy it, pin it, and post it to remind yourself to PRAY Always and I will see you in two weeks!  I am excited to put our Faith into Action and obey God’s word to PRAY Always!  Let’s get started!

    Blessings and Smiles, Krista

    See you in 2 Weeks 🙂

    Click Here to Access Your Pray Always Print-able (large)

    Click Here to Access Your Pray Always Print-able (small)

    Faith – It’s All About Action!

    Hello Ladies!
    It’s Talk-able Tuesday!

    Before I tell you about this weeks video.talk-able. How are you enjoying your Cup of FAITH?  You can see mine is in the corner of this picture and I am loving it!  So good and so timely. I love picking a verse each day and reading the word.  So encouraging!  God is so faithful to His promises and to His word.  What an awesome non-moving foundation we can stand on!

    Also, I am coloring the color-able that you will be able to print off for today to remind you to keep walking out your FAITH.

    AND…..I am going to be sharing a “nugget” that Priscilla Shirer shared in her study “The Armor of God” about FAITH.  ~ So simple and so right on!

    Let’s get going and dig further into what God says about FAITH. Enjoy this week’s talk-able!

    For this week’s color-able – Click Here

    For this week’s color-able small version – Click Here

    Thank you for joining me today and I cannot wait to meet again next month to talk and implement PRAYER!

    Blessings Ladies and Keep Walking out your FAITH,


    It’s all about FAITH!

    Hello Ladies!
    Incredible! … Unbelievable! … Crazy! … and … Predicted. 

    We as Christians read in God’s word about what events are going to take place leading up to what we call the END TIMES and we read what God’s reveals to John in the book of Revelations and about what has to come about in order for Jesus to return.  Should we really be that surprised at the crazy, unprecedented things that are happening?   Every generation in one generation closer to THE END.

    Do not despair Ladies! 

    • We have the Truth, God’s word and
    • We can Believe in it and
    • Therefore put our FAITH in the one true God and His word.

    This month we are going to read all about FAITH.

    • About God’s FAITH-fullness,
    • About those who have lived before us who were FAITH-ful and
    • Read about what our Faith should look like and
    • Be encouraged to have FAITH. 

    How are we going to do this? Let’s make our last “Cup” for the Summer Season.  Let’s make a “Cup of FAITH”

    Grab your Favorite mug!
    Print your print-able and cut your FAITH verses out.
    Fold up your verses
    Then put your verse in your mug!

    Your “Cup of FAITH” is ready to go!

    Each day you will read about what God’s word has to say about FAITH!

    In two weeks: August 18th!

    • I will meet back with you for a video talk-able & Faith Color-able
    • I am going to talk with you about FAITH.
    • I also want to share with you one thing I read from Priscilla Shirer in her study “The Armor of God” about FAITH
      • She was told this one thing from another woman
      • and I want to pass it to you too!

    I look forward to seeing you in two weeks, August 18th!

    Until then, let’s make our “Cup of FAITH” and dig into God’s word!

    Love you all Ladies and keep the FAITH!

    P.S. Click below for your 30 Faith Verses

    July 2020 – Pass on PEACE

    Hello Ladies!

    Do you know someone who needs a little PEACE sent their way?
    Let’s make a note card and encourage someone today by letting them know that they can have PEACE, God’s PEACE today!

    Let’s first dig into God’s word!

    This week let’s look further into what God says about peace. Let’s look specifically at Romans 15:1-13. with an emphasis on verse 13. I have a print-able worksheet ready for you!

    Second, let’s make a couple note cards and tangibly Pass on PEACE.  There is no better time than now to let someone you know that God wants them to have PEACE, His PEACE in their lives

    I have two more print-ables that will help you make two note cards and envelopes. (Make sure you print my worksheet print-able because there are further ideas about sending your note cards!)

    Are you ready to Pass on PEACE? Let’s get going and send a note to someone today! (So Fun!)

    I would love to hear from you about how it went sending a note to someone whom you feel led to encourage in the area of encouragement. You can leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing form you!

    I will talk to you in August when we talk about FAITH!

    Blessings, PEACE, and Prayers to you, Krista

    • For this week’s worksheet Print-able – Click HERE
    • For this week’s note card print-able – Click HERE
    • For this week’s envelope print-able – Click HERE (When printing this print-able choose “Actual Size” not “Fit” in the Printing and Sizing menu section)

    Have You Made Your “Cup of PEACE?”

    Hello Ladies!

    Have you made your “Cup of Peace”? It is not too late and it is so worth it! I have all the links below.

    A verse I picked this last week from my Cup of Peace that stood our to me was Isaiah 26:3-4:  It reads:

    • “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.”
    • I am reminded that when I am steadfast, moving in God’s direction, the Lord will keep me in His peace and I am told that the Lord is the ROCK ETERNAL!  He is forever solid, like a rick, and I can trust in that and have His peace. Amen!

    Is there a verse that has touched you in some way?  I would love to hear about it and so would the other ladies.  I am always strengthened and encouraged by other believers testimonies. (You can comment below)

    Here are all your links to make your Cup of Peace and to print off your hand-lettered Peace print-able:

    Click Here for your 30 Peace Bible verses to make your Cup of Peace: Click Here

    Click Here for your Peace Print-able: Click Here

    Click Here for your small Peace Print-able: Click Here

    You can also purchase our original “Cup of Peace” Click Here

    When you order our “Cup of PEACE” you will receive:

    • Our PEACE mug
    • 30 Bible Verses about PEACE printed on lime green paper
      • ( ready for you to cut them out)
    • 1 Magnetic Clip (to hold all your verses together once you unfold them
    • 1 Living a Sustainable Faith Bookmark
    • All for $15 + shipping

    I will talk with you July 28th!

    Blessings, Krista

    July 2020: Peace: Possess Peace – Pass on Peace

    Hello Ladies,

    Welcome to Talk-able Tuesday and today I want to talk about PEACE and more specifically, Possessing Peace.

    I really think it is essential that we learn to possess God’s PEACE and during this time we have such an awesome opportunity to show God’s PEACE to those around us.

    Let’s get going!

    Are you ready to make a Cup of PEACE!?! I have mine already to go and I am excited!

    Have fun and here are your print-ables! And you can purchase our original “Cup of PEACE” at our store! How fun!!!

    Click Here for your 30 Peace Bible verses: Click Here

    Click Here for your Peace Print-able: Click Here

    Click Here for your small Peace Print-able: Click Here

    I look forward to seeing you July 28th and have fun reading what God has to say about PEACE and ladies, let’s possess His PEACE.