Bethlehem, Everyone wants to go there!

Hello Ladies,

Christmas is just about here!  Are you ready? Ready to Celebrate?

Bethleham_20211214_0002Bethlehem, during the birth of Jesus was all about the busy.  But was this typical for the small town that was settled in the hills about 6 miles southwest of Jerusalem?

Come and join me on my podcast as we look into some facts about Bethlehem and see how the Lord uses the unexpected for exceptional purposes.

Also print your color-able that is the third design in my Color, Cut and Create Coloring Book, Journey to Jesus and while coloring your print-able, remember how God used a small town through out history to being about the birth of His son, who will be the Savior to all who believe in Him.

Click the button below and I will see you on my podcast!

May you have a blessed and love-filled Christmas

A quick Note: I am going to take a break through the rest of December and then I will see you in the new year:)

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